I had a dream last night that Jedward turned up to an event with different hair. Then the world ended.

That wasn't the case on Grafton Street yesterday, however, where they straddled lampposts, and a petrified Colm Hayes, perched on top of a phone box, touched some babies, accosted the elderly, posed in a window, ate some sushi in a window, attempted to remove a car clamp by the powers of their minds (and failed), hung around doorways, gave Glenda Gilson one of their capes (which you can purchase in any Elvery's nationwide for under a fiver, wouldn't you know), stood in a stairwell of what appears to be the entrance to probably Brown Thomas or Drury Street carpark, oh and got pictured with the odd fan or two.

Why? Well, Colm Hayes had the canny idea of re-jigging the lyrics of Lipstick to include a chorus such as "We put the green cape on, hey Poland here we come…" and "We're even ready to forgive Theirry Henry."

Look, there's a video and everything, depicting a number of young, nubile and diverse members of RTE, as well as Paul McGrath, Keith and Jay Duffy busting out some moves, Martin King, Louis Walsh, Rachel Allen signing one of her sugnuturesundwuches, Glenda Gilson, Dustin the Turkey, Bernard Dunne, PJ Gallagher, and various other fuzzy relics such as Zig & Zag, Bosco, Judge and Mrs Brown.

It might be the "Unofficial" Euro 2012 song, but it's bound to be better than anything "Official" and it's in aid of the ISPCC. So are you off to get yisser capes or wha'?