Well. All question marks hanging over Jedward's sexual preference have now been answered thanks to this charming little video the twins made to celebrate winning an Eric in our Twitterati category (but really for garnering 500,000 Twitter followers).

There's the ripping of several t-shirts, arse wibbling in the tightest trousers imaginable, pouting, frenetic hip thrusting in sequined red scanties, more pouting, more hip thrusting, some horns, more arse wibbling, and then some tentatively placed cards over an apparently naked John. How do I know it's John? Edward has a third nipple over his first nipple. You'll know what I mean when you see the video... which may or may not have been (but definitely until notified otherwise) directed by Louis Walsh

Enjoy. Or don't. It depends on what you're into. And if you're under 15, best give the video a miss - childhood innocence can never be restored once breached in such a manner.

What in the name of Jaysis are they going to pull out for their one millionth follower... anyone not following Jedward on Twitter as yet, please do so immediately.