Jeb Bush is falling waaaay behind in the race for Republican Nomination for President of the United States - despite many calling the general election to most likely be him and Democratic frontrunner, Hilary Clinton.

Could anyone have predicted this swell of support for Donald Trump and Ben Carson? Probably not, and we don't think Jeb Bush or his people thought it would happen either.

So, Bush was asked one of those 'if you had a time machine' type questions. The most popular question for 'if you had a time machine' is generally 'would you kill baby Hitler?' Now, despite Hitler generally being thought of as the worst human being to ever grace the planet, most people offer pause at the thought of murdering a baby - despite the greater good an all that.

Not Jeb Bush. Nope.

"Hell yeah, I would!” the former Florida governor told HuffPost. “You gotta step up, man."

He added

"It could have a dangerous effect on everything else, but I’d do it - I mean, Hitler,"

It's obviously an entirely theoretical, question, but his answer is kind of hilarious. That's the thing he's REALLY sure about?

Granted, he'll need to up the crazy if he's gonna, eh, trump his opponents...