It's not so much that Jay-Z is a stranger to Twitter as that, like his wife Beyoncé, he previously used it sporadically and when we say that we mean it. Yesterday however, Hov seemed to get a rush of either madness or boredom or possibly both as he just randomly started tweeting and retweeting people answering their bizarre questions, so of which he wasn't even tagged in. Basically, he approached Twitter like a normal person would, and of course the entire thing went crazy.

Jay quickly got into the swing of things and got a nice format going, quoting questions and then answering in square brackets (which we can see people ripping off already), and while yes a lot of the questions were about his new album and obviously Magna Carta Holy Grail and Jay's handle @S_C_ started trending worldwide, he also got #factsonly (because that's what he was giving out) #mylaugh trending too, which is his version of 'lol' we guess. In case you're wondering and have managed to go your whole life without hearing the beauty that is his laugh, here you go.

Jay's Twitter escapade ran for a whole seven hours, so we're going to go out on a limb and say he was stuck in a lonely seat for one on a plane where everyone else was asleep and he just wanted to whittle the hours away, and while there's just too many tweets to go into, here are some of our favourites.