Most of you will know Jason Momoa as the star of 'Aquaman' and Khal Drago in 'Game of Thrones'. Well now you're going to have a whole other association with the actor and it ain't pretty.

Jason starred in a commercial for Rocket Mortgage which broadcast during last night's Super Bowl.

It started off normally enough with the actor being hounded by press and saying he can only really relax at home.

He arrives back at his house and de-shoes. Again, standard so far.

Then walking into the kitchen, he proceeds to strip his biceps from his body. Then he lifts his shirt to remove his abs. And the creme de la creme, he settles into the couch and takes off his hair, revealing this creepy bald patch.

It's so frickin weird.


Those who saw the ad turned to Twitter to divulge their horror/disgust/trauma: