At this stage, you've got to genuinely wonder whether or not Jason Momoa is in fact being funded under the table by Diageo because the guy can't do one interview without mentioning his love of Guinness.

Momoa and the cast of 'Aquaman' were at Comic Con over the weekend and stopped by Conan's live show to introduce the trailer and - sure enough - celebrated the whole thing by cracking a can of Guinness before they did. In fact, Momoa apparently has his own blend of Guinness that only he gets to drink because you can do that kind of thing when you're famous and look like Jason Momoa.

The rest of us have to have understanding of where you can get a decent pint of Guinness, but you know, who cares when you've got your own blend? 'Aquaman' arrives in Irish cinemas on December 21st.