Even Lucius Malfoy knows what side of history to be on.

After Sean Spicer's appearance for a completely tone-deaf joke at the Emmys on Sunday night, there was mass outrage from viewers who held host Stephen Colbert, the producers of the awards and every celeb who went near the former White House Press Secretary in contempt for normalizing a man who lied to millions for his own gain at the expense of a nation but thankfully, not everyone who encountered Spicer at the event was as fawning as others.

'Star Trek: Discovery' and 'The OA' star Jason Isaacs was at the Netflix Emmys afterparty when he spotted Spicer at the bar and, unlike those who smiled and took photos with him, Isaacs took a sneaky selfie while frowning and pointing a him which he then posted to Instagram with the greatest caption ever.

It read:

"Hoping to forget politics for one night and bask in other people’s glory at the #Netflix#Emmys party and who do I spot at the bar late at night but the poisonous purveyor of lies #SeanSpicer. What were the Emmys thinking celebrating this modern day Goebbels, who was the thuggish face of Orwellian doublespeak just moments ago?
Three surprising things about him:
1) He comes about up to my nipples
2) He doesn’t think he should hide himself under a rock from shame for the rest of his life.
3) He’s deeply unattractive, from the inside out. Has the aura of a giant festering abscess. Strange, since he was so charismatic at the (elevated) podium."

Isaacs' comments haven't gone unnoticed online, with many people sharing screenshots of his comments and praising his honesty and response to seeing Spicer at the event, and after they were picked up by other outlets, Isaacs had this to say.

We guess we've got a new Hollywood fave.