Footage has been shown online of the singer and dancer launching himself at a group of men while walking through the Aria resort and casino in Las Vegas.

A number of people were seemingly taunting 32-year old as he was walking down an escalator in the hotel atrium. One man could be heard yelling "Hey Usher, f*ck you".

Derulo proceeded to run into the crowd, throwing punches while his security men attempted to pull him from the melee. He was then pictured in handcuffs and taken away from the building after a trespass order was made against him.

Las Vegas police released a statement after the altercation, saying that Derulo had "committed battery against two individuals". The victims did not want to press charges against the singer and no arrests were made.

Derulo has had multiple hits in the charts since 2009, with songs like 'Whatcha Say', 'Talk Dirty' and 'Ridin' Solo'. 11 of his singles have reached platinum over his career. He as also appeared in the live action movie 'Cats' as Rum Tum Tugger.

In recent years he has become extremely popular on social media app TikTok, amassing 51 million followers.