And suddenly playing music off a phone down the back of the bus doesn't seem quite so bad.

According to HuffPo, Japanese teenagers are showing up to school in record numbers with conjunctivitis following the booming and stomach-churning fad of 'worming' or 'oculolinctus', which in essence is licking someone else's eyeballs and is definitely something you don't want to Google. Gag. Oh heya breakfast, nice to see you for a second time this today.

Conjunctivitis, for those who don't know, is an eye infection that makes you look like the Terminator but far more gross and is super-contagious. But seriously, it's really really gross.

People copped on to something being up when kids started coming in wearing eyepatches a lot, and then a local teacher who seems to have been the first to see the horrorshow in action known as 'Mr. Y' described it as such:

'After class one day, I went into the equipment store in the gymnasium to tidy up. The door had been left open, and when I looked inside, a male pupil and a female pupil had their faces close together and were kind of fumbling around. Could it be bullying? I wondered, but when I had a good look, the boy was licking the girl’s eye! Surprised, a shouted “What are you doing? Stop it at once!” and the two of them were so shocked they jumped apart. The girl burst into tears, and the boy just went bright red and was shaken up. At any rate, to try to calm them down I took them to the janitor’s room and listened to their story.'

According to a survey they carried out, about one third of a class of students admitted to 'worming' or having been 'wormed'. Apparently the craze is 'the next step' after scoring someone among the people who are into it. Eh, whatever floats your boat (but keep that boat at least 50 feet away from us from now until eternity okay because that shit is nasty).