No doubt you've tasted a few curries in your time that honestly tasted like actual human excrement. We've all done it.

However, a recently opened restaurant in Japan is aiming to capitalise on that experience by offering a unique dish - shit-flavoured curry. Yes, really.

Although the signature meal doesn't include any real human poo, the restauranteurs at Curry Shop Shimiz believe that the taste, texture and consistency is quite similar to it. Moreover, the curry itself is served in a bedpan-esque plate. Just to really sell the whole experience of eating somebody else's dump. The curry itself is made up of green tea, bitter gourd / goya and cocoa powder.

It's no surprise, however, that the restaurant isn't doing well. A recent survey, conducted by the restaurant itself, stated that EIGHTY-FIVE PERCENT of those polled said they wouldn't eat in the restaurant.

But how does anyone know what shit actually tastes like? The chef, Shimiken, had a pretty interesting career before he got into making poo-tasting curry. He was a Japanese porn star who specialised in - you guessed it - EATING POO.

And we're done. Sorry to those of you who may have been eating. Here's a picture of a rabbit to help bleach out the memory.