Sorry. Reflex. But no doubt you'll wince severely when you hear the full details of this. Ikki Kotsugai was arrested yesterday on charges of grievous bodily harm against a lawyer in Tokyo's Minato Ward.

It's understood Kotsugai burst into the lawyer's office and proceeded to cut off the lawyer's penis with a pair of garden shears before flushing said appendage down the toilet.

Kotsugai, who is a former boxer, repeatedly punched the lawyer and was barely conscious when his penis was cut off.

It's believed that Kotsugai's wife was having an affair with the lawyer and Kotsugai was exacting revenge against him. The lawyer in question has since been removed to hospital, however the status of his penis is unknown.

It's also been reported that Kotsugai's wife was present during said attack. If convicted, the former boxer could face severe jail time.


Via JapanToday