For the past three weeks now, Jane Fonda and a random celebrity have been getting arrested in Washington DC during her weekly climate protest.

Fonda, who's no secret to being arrested for protesting, was joined last week by her 'Grace & Frankie' co-star Sam Waterston, and this week, 'The Good Place' alum Ted Danson was in his place and was arrested for "unlawfully demonstrating in the intersection of East Capitol and First Streets," along with 32 others.

Fonda's protest is centred on new fossil fuel extractions, and is calling for politicians in the US to introduce reforms and legislation. Fonda was first arrested for the protests on October 11th, and was arrested again just last week and again this week.

However, what seemed to catch everyone's attention was just how happy Ted Danson seemed to be when he was lead away in zip-ties by police.

Take a look.

Meanwhile, while Ted Danson was smiling as he was being arrested, Jane Fonda turned her arrest into an acceptance speech for the Stanley Kubrick Britannia Award at the Los Angeles BAFTAs. Think we're joking?

Look at this.

Well, at least she'll have the award waiting for her when she gets out of custody. The other question is who's going to be joining Jane Fonda next week? Our money's on Lily Tomlin.