We all know super chef Jamie Oliver has quite the penchant for healthy eating and drinking. By now he's tried his hand at revolutionising pretty much the entire Western world, schooling them in his healthy ways. He's had a lot of success but some people just haven't warmed to the idea.

So appalled is he by energy drinks in particular - not to mention the parents who allow their kids drink the stuff - he has now likened them (the drinks) to cocaine. Is this a step too far?

The Naked Chef told the Evening Standard that parents who give their children all kinds of energy drinks 'might as well be giving them cocaine."

The Evening Standard interviewer then replied that perhaps that was 'a bit strong' to which Oliver snapped back "Try teaching them after they've necked a can of it."

As reported by Digital Spy, Jamie Oliver is well aware he may be construed as a 'right proper w**ker", given how strong his views can be on not just the food and drink but the people consuming said food and drink. A true campaigner, Oliver added "Hand on heart, I believe I work for the public, and that carries massive, genuine responsibilities."

Is this for the greater good of the public OR, do people find this somewhat on the patronising side? Should parents who allow their kids to consume such products be ashamed of themselves? Or should the energy drinks come with an age restriction in the first place? Are they not just bad for anyone no matter what their age? So many questions...

Oliver did admit to having to cut the 2010 US show - Jamies Food Revolution - on account of it being "so embarrassing, it would have seemed patronising... They thought honey came from bears and spaghetti grew on trees and chocolate was from lakes."

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