By now, you've probably seen plenty of posts about 'Fiji Girl', a young lady at the Golden Globes on Sunday who managed to find herself in the background of a good few publicity shots on the red carpet.

As you can probably guess, that 'Fiji Girl' ended up in those shots was absolutely no accident. Fiji Water specifically placed her on the red carpet, told her to try get behind a shot or two and go from there. It's a common enough occurrence at awards shows, but Jamie Lee Curtis wasn't having any of it and this certainly wasn't her first red carpet.

Taking to Instagram, Jamie Lee Curtis explained that she "specifically moved away from the blatant promotions by Fiji and Moet where young women with their trays filled with their wares stood near a designated camera."

"I knew why there was a photographer poised there and I moved away as I said out loud that I didn’t want to be doing advertising for either. Clearly this angle shows that I moved from her being behind me and yet from the side it still happens," argued Lee Curtis, who said that photographers and brands are supposed to get permission from celebrities.

It's worth pointing out as well that Jamie Lee Curtis wasn't the only celebrity who was stung by 'Fiji Girl' either. Richard Madden, Judy Greer, Idris Elba and Jim Carrey were all photobombed by her during the Golden Globes, not to mention Nicole Kidman and countless others.

She even has her own Twitter account now, and even turned on 'The Late Late Show with James Corden' last night for a sketch.