The 'Belfast' crew are still doing their talk show rounds, which is fantastic news purely because they're introducing the world to more Irish-isms.

Jamie Dornan decided to make a Tayto sandwich during his latest appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' last night, further fuelling our love for the County Down star.

Introducing Kimmel, Guillermo Rodriguez and the studio audience to the classic Irish meal in between meals, Dornan set up a working station at the end of his interview with the chat show host.

Slathering two pieces of white bread with mayonnaise ("don't muck around with light mayonnaise"), Dornan then adds a heavy dose of ham, followed by the pièce de résistance - a full packet of the cheese and onion crisps. We'll let it slide that it's the Northern Irish version of the Irish staple.

Passing his "Tayto Smashie" creation around, the three men each take a bite, and Kimmel was full of praise for the sambo, saying: "I thought it was going to be good, but it was about six times more delicious."

Before introducing the wonder of the Irish crisp sandwich to the world, Dornan spoke about the time he appeared on a UK reality show 'Model Behaviour' when he was aged 20, and also about his BBC show 'The Tourist' which begins airing on HBO Max in the US this month.

Dornan's 'Belfast' co-star Caitríona Balfe also made an appearance on the chat show the night before, schooling Kimmel on the proper pronunciation of "Paddy's Day". The chat show host also asked Dornan about this during his appearance, as well as attempting (again) to make corned beef a thing.

Here's the full clip of Jamie Dornan and his Tayto sandwich cookery demonstration, which begins at the 10-minute mark.