Bit early, I know, but it was all in the name of research, you see. All above board. Still made him want to scald his eyeballs, but sure actors are famed for suffering in the name of 'ort'.

The 32-year-old confessed it was quite an uncomfortable experience sitting in the audience at the private sex show, which was held at the home of a man who later became the movie's adviser on kinkiness. That man is LIVING THE DREAM. Or his dream, at least.

Jamie told ELLE UK magazine: 'I went there, he offered me a beer, and they did... whatever they were into. I saw a dominant with two submissives, and he became our kink advisor on the film.'

'The Fall' actor - who stars as bondage loving businessman Christian Grey in the film adaptation of E.L. James' erotic novel of the same name - admits he felt so dirty after watching people perform intimate acts one another that he had to clean himself thoroughly before returning home to his wife Amelia Warner and their 12-month-old daughter.

He shared: "Then going back to my wife and newborn baby afterwards... I had a long shower before touching either of them."