That's correct - Daniel Craig and his staggerlingly attractive missus are moving to Dublin. Only temporarily, mind, while she shoots a film (The Lobster avec Colin Farrell), but that still means we might bump into him knocking round the Jervis Centre. Or, if reports are true, Tescos in Bloomfield Shopping Centre - sqqqqqquuuueeeeeee! are today reporting that the pair are setting up home on the Suuuuuth Side and are currently looking at a few gafs in The Laoghaire. An insider talking to the Indo said:

"A member of Rachel and Daniel's team got in touch with the estate agent as early as last December to look for properties that match their criteria. They were interested in the Dun Laoghaire area, as it's by the seaside and out of the city centre, yet close enough if they want to get to the airport."

Well that's perfect, they can get the Aircoach from The Royal Marine, so. While they're here, they can enjoy a Sunday in the Farmer's Market in the People's Park (being surreptitiously stalked by all the locals who are furiously pretending to ignore them) before having a catch up pint with Timothy Dalton in Dalkey (we nearly knocked Dalton down in the Micra before Christmas. He was walking exceptionally slowly, draped in black, across the main street. He's VERY tall). Pierce Brosnan might invite himself along, but they'd tell him they were meeting in a different boozer. 

In case you're wondering "Um, what boozer will they be in now?" It'll be Finnegans. Craig shot a film (shall remain nameless) with Jim Sheridan and that's his local. They'll obviously be going for a few swifties together. Downside is that Brosnan will totally track them down in there 'cause that's where he shot that SKY ad. Honestly, it's just like living in Hollywood. Really is.