Because where else does love blossom in the modern world? Twitter?

Rita Ora has been on a secret date to a strip club with 'X Factor' winner James Arthur, but instead of candlelight and romance, the pair spent four hours in Silks Gentlemen's Lounge in Leeds, West Yorkshire, yesterday, before departing out of the back door in the early hours. Arthur is said to be 'smitten' with Ora, but according to The Sun 'They were desperate not to be seen.' Going to go out on a limb and say that's more to do with the venue than being seen with each other. 'They entered the strip club via the back door and left separately to avoid being snapped together. James made a big effort to spend time with her.'

Rita - who previously dated Rob Kardashian, to her detriment - met James in York following a gig in the city as part of her 'Radioactive' tour, with James making the big effort and traveling from his 'X Factor Live' performance in Sheffield to the nearby Yorkshire city to meet his latest 'love'. It's not the first time Rita and James - who has previously been linked to Caroline Flack - have enjoyed a night out together.

On Saturday they were spotted at an after-show party following James' 'X Factor Live' gig in Birmingham, and the talent show winner was pictured leaving her hotel the next morning dressed in same clothes he had been wearing the previous night. So we think it's pretty clear what's going on.