So, it's like, I dunno, um, like, stuff about stuff? We're all pretty, you know, self-absorbed, mollycoddled, t*ssp*tts being groomed has figures of ridicule by our national broadcaster... Bit strong? Indeed, but I'm just trying to give it some oomph - 'cause it's about as interesting as watching a load of vacuous vessels wandering around a 100 yard radius in Dublin while spouting contrived skitter.

I didn't want to watch it. But I had to watch it. I fear this is going to become a theme. Not because it's thought provoking, or in any way true to life, but because I want to see how they manage to make an entire series about a street which is a foot long. OK, so there's Hogans; that place with all the rooms and the massive smoking section; the Market Barn; and La Guillotine, which isn't bad going for one of the shortest streets in the city - but that doesn't make it interesting. At least with The Hills there was scenery to watch. 

OK, I'll tell you what I found amusing. How the hell did some dolly bird from Monkstown (unless she was hanging around the local Dart station for sh*ts and giggles) and a body piercer from Wexford come to live in a matchbox off George's Street? Where's the back story? Actually, I'd prefer to watch footage of how they managed to squeeze a sofa into a matchbox - at least that'd require some mental logistics and jeopardy.

When she first saw it, yer wan Louise (I think I look totally look like Lauren) kept referring to their "apartment" (flat) as "spacey." "Wow, I didn't expect it to be so spacey." By the by, this individual (for the purposes of television) has just landed an internship with Stellar Magazine; she might want to learn the correct term for roomy. Anyway, so "spacey" is their "apartment" all we get to see is a close up of said sofa, which sometimes incorporates a rickety looking kitchen cupboard. They had a scene in which they made a big deal over what bedroom they got, yet we didn't get to see the bedrooms (unless my brain blacked out for preservation purposes around that point). I doubt they even exist. Louise sleeps on the sofa, while Dani teeters on the armrest with one of her many male friends.

What I found most amusing, however, was stumbling across a flurry of familiar faces. Like our Caught Out photographer roaring "You're beautiful" at Vogue (seriously) while she flung a can of Bavaria around Stephen's Green for instance. That's marginally interesting - for a rather small percentage of the viewing population... Maybe the rest of the country will tune back in next week to see if Dani, her mother and her sister are in fact triplets made in a laboratory run by Manga enthusiasts. Personally, I can't wait to see how Dani manages to get "backstage passes" for every person she encounters through her MCD internship, not to mention how much fun she'll have presumably sitting in a portable cabin and/or press tent for the duration of Oxegen. OOOH, I also really want to see her mate's band slaughtering more cover songs too. And how her relationship works out with the guy she left in Wexford. And if Louise ever leaves the couch. And if CiCi gets more than five seconds screen time next time. And if all the long people will get to go to Marbella. And, and, and... *blacks out*