Jada Pinkett Smith has "revealed" that she gave up on her own career for the sake of her children... She was in a band. She was also in the really super(fluous)  Matrix sequels... Oh, she also voiced an animal in Madagascar...

Anyway, the 39-year-old actress/voice artist/rawk star said that she felt she was being pulled in too many different directions when she tried to juggle her various things, informing The Times Magazine, "I'd wake up angry and go to bed angry. In the end, I decided things had to change. I was offered a tour with my band (Wicked Wisdom... me neither) but Jaden was asked to film The Pursuit of Happyness. He was seven and a half. Could I really let my little boy go and do a film without me being there (even though his father was playing the lead and he shared nearly every scene with him)? I cancelled the tour. I cancelled everything. I went to look after Jaden... On the one hand, I wanted a career. I'd worked so hard and yet there I was, strung out on having to make decisions based on that and it was too difficult. Should I be a star? Should I be a mum? A wife? You can't be all three, something has to give."

In some cases, yes. In some cases... And, really, why work yourself when you can send out the kiddies to earn a few bucks instead? KERCHANG!

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