The woman who did a sterling job bringing up Jade Goody (what better person is there to do drugs with for the first time than your loving mum?) is reportedly craving another child since her daughter's death:

"I may be 51 but it's not too late, I could still get pregnant. Jason (her 36-year-old fellah. She's over the lesbianism for the minute) has had the snip but he's seriously considering having it reversed. We would love to have the baby girl that Jade always wanted. I'm sure I can get pregnant naturally so I don't even need to think about IVF. Jade would be over the moon for me if I got pregnant (I doubt that) and I think it would be a wonderful tribute to her. Jade always wanted a black pearl so I'd love to have that on my finger if I'm going to get married. We're searching for one at the moment. Jade would be so happy for me. We might get married next year - I want a wedding as big and beautiful as hers was." Now that's taking the term "living vicariously through ones child" to another level. Jason, for the love of God, think of the child before you get your pipes fiddled with again.

While Jackiey plans to turn herself into a living homage to her daughter, Jack Tweed is busy fleecing his wife's house to populate his new pad:

"Jack gets the keys Friday and is having a huge housewarming next day.  It will be filled with glamour girls and hangers-on. He's taken all Jade's stuff as it was top of the line. He's so far had a stereo, plasma TV and a load of furniture... He doesn't seem to care about Jade's memory - he just wants to furnish the house with her gear so he can save money and impress the girls."

'Cause girls are that easily impressed these days.