Jack White has hit back at his estranged wife after she was granted a restraining order against him.

The former White Stripes' rocker's spouse Karen Elson - who separated from Jack in 2011 and filed for divorce in 2012 - claims she fears her famous husband is dangerous and may cause her harm following disagreements over parenting rights but Jack insists she is lying.

In documents filed in response to Karen's restraining order, and obtained by TMZ, Jack claims Karen recently told a friend, 'I'm completely in love with Jack and I'd move back tomorrow if he asked me.'

While the 34-year-old model claims Jack, 38, is not fit to be a parent and has rebuffed his requests to help raise their two kids - Scarlett, seven, and five-year-old Henry - resulting in him becoming increasingly hostile towards her, he insists she often leaves the children with him.

Jack also alleges she has fabricated her fears to 'malign him in the public record'.

Karen's request for a restraining order was approved by a court in Tennessee last month after she alleged that the White has a 'violent temper' and has berated her in email communications using profane language.

A judge has now ruled that Jack is not to have 'any contact with wife whatsoever except as it relates to parenting time with the parties' minor children.'