"We have more in common with a male dog than we do with a woman in this department (if you're lost, Jack's preusing the sex department). This may be male chauvinism in a certain context. But, baby, it's also science! I don't have much philosophy other than 'live in the now'. And that's very difficult to do. Don't leave something that you really want to do undone." So basically, lads - whip yourselves out and start doing everything in sight - the "man's man" Jack Nicholson has bestowed you a license to be a hound. You can also have the accompanying litter of babies. When asked how many younglings he's fathered, Jack said: "There could be 9,000 for all I know - I used to live so freely." By way of finishing off; he ended with an insight into his advocation of sport, golf in particular: "I'm not a very Zen guy. I've laid in sand traps and cried, and hurled golf clubs in lakes." So, not only does he compare himself to a dog, he also openly displays the attributes of a toddler... interesting. And before a flurry of "misandrist" comments start flying in - might I remind you these are Jack's words, not mine *skips off*