Who says romance is dead?

If you woke up this morning and your significant other hadn't drawn parallels between you and an expensive sports car, your Valentine's Day may well have gotten off to a rocky start.

However, that's not the case with Saoirse Ronan and her actor boyfriend Jack Lowden, after he made some well-intentioned comparisons to his beloved in a recent interview.

Lowden and Ronan first met on the set of 'Mary, Queen of Scots' in 2018, and will once again team up on new film 'The Outrun', which is released later this year. Based on Amy Liptrot's memoir, the drama stars Ronan and was produced by Lowden.

During a recent interview with iNews, the English actor gushed about his partner and how talented she was, calling her "one of the best actors in the world".

“My first love is actors,” he said of teaming up with her on 'The Outrun'. "And when you’re given a Ferrari like her, it’s all about how you make everything good for the Ferrari to show off.

" Don’t make a Ferrari do what a Renault Clio does. It’s a dreadful analogy but they’re like gold dust, good actors. When there’s someone like that, you just have to facilitate them and you will get gold. And my God, did we."


Lowden also discussed the couple's tendency to keep their relationship low-key, saying "We’re hugely appreciative of the level of scrutiny we have. We’re treated well but we don’t seek it either. People have got it far worse. It’s also obviously of our own making."

He added: "Whatever – as long as we’ve got each other, we’re alright with any of that."

Lowden stars in new BBC drama 'The Gold', which kicked off on Sunday.