Can we have a fly-on-the-wall documentary where we just follow the actor-turned-musician around as he does mundane everyday things like driving around LA and going to the supermarket? Because give that a 10-episode straight-to-season order right now, we'll watch every single bit of it.

Jack Black decided to spend a day hunting out skaters, and should he find one, he'll shout from his car "DO A KICKFLIP". If he deems said flip good enough, he'll gift them a brand new *limited edish* skateboard. That's pretty much the synopsis for the video below, but because it's Jack Black, this video is so much more.

Unfortunately, on his journey through LA, Jack encountered a shortage of skaters in the areas he drove through, so much so that he even had to resort to posting a live video on Instagram to see if there were any kickflippers around. As you'll hear him say, he and the team were driving for two hours before they came across a skater.

But like every great story, it's all about the journey, and the voyage that Jack takes us on is one that'll have you crumpled up in laughter and shaking your head in disbelief that one man can create such golden material.

Jack Black is here to answer your burning questions, such as: "Who is the oldest person to do a kickflip? Bill Clinton" and "You heard of Google Maps? This is Google Kickflips."

Also, here's a little bit of sage advice for you from the man himself: Don't be afraid to swim through oceans of shit. Don't be afraid of hours of shit coming out of your mouth. You know why? Because one of those shits will be a diamond.

No truer word has ever been spoken.

Here's the delightfully deranged video for you, featuring an overload of musical interludes, alternative movie references and lots of Jack Black just being Jack Black.