Can you assume someone is a sh*tebag just by looking at them? Of course you can. Jack Black is one of those individuals and now there's (more) proof. He displayed classic sh*tebag tendencies when he ladened blame on someone close to him despite being clearly in the wrong himself. Mr. Black had this to say regarding him blabbing about Angelina having twins on a Cannes red carpet: " It was my wife's fault... because she told me, 'Oh yeah, Angelina Jolie's expecting twins, ' so I just assumed everyone knew that but she had just read it in the Enquirer or something. I made it official... She (Angelina) wanted to spill the beans but didn't know how to gracefully and I just accidentally spilled the beans... It was cool." Because you were in Cannes at the time trying to promote Kung Fu Panda. You can almost see the PR meeting - "Ange, thanks for keeping shtum regarding the twins, it's promotional gold. We'll add X amount to your fee. Jack, if you could just let slip she's having twins that would be cool. Just blame the mother of your children at a later date for the indiscretion. Dustin, the following day, if you could divulge her due date at a press conference? Super! Of course it won't be the real due date, she's penciled in for a 'celebrity birth', am I right?" That would be a C-Section a month early, which sometimes incorporates a tummy tuck.