At this stage you've probably either watched or at least heard of Netflix's Fyre Festival documentary. It follows the utter debacle that was the 2016 music festival organised by rapper Ja Rule and entrepreneur Billy McFarland.

Set to take place in the Bahamas, the festival was sold as the best beach party the world would ever see - except it wasn't - it was a shit show of the highest order that resulted in the loss of millions and jail time for McFarland. However it wasn't just rich folk who were left out of pocket.

Caterer Maryanne Rolle lost $50,000 of her life savings because of the festival. Speaking to Tribune242 - a local Bahamian outlet - she explained: "You’re thinking it’s real, we liaison in good faith. In the Bahamas, sometimes we tend to get careless about business and we lean more to good faith, that’s our culture. They invested a lot of money, and that was what I was looking at, the investment that went forward. It was no way they were gonna have you do all this work and not pay you and it’s not going to come off well."

Viewers were outraged by what happened to Maryanne, and have been contributing in their droves to her GoFundMe page to help raise money to save her business. So far she has exceeded her target of $123,000, raising $158,000, and now she's got an apology from Ja Rule himself.

Ja initially defended his role in the festival in a series of tweets over the weekend but has now take to Instagram to apologise to Maryanne and all who were "negatively effected by the festival".

Yeah yeah, words are great and all Ja but they do not, a debt, repay.

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