They've been married a whole four years, a lifetime in most celebrity spheres, but now the inevitable has allegedly occurred.

Both have been seen out separately sans wedding rings. OOooOoooh. It's like Jordan and Peter all over again. A source "close" to the couple said: "They both didn't wear their wedding rings on purpose. Nothing Jennifer does is without a purpose." Um, Gigli?

Another willing source said to Us Weekly: "He's very, very controlling of her. The skirts aren't as short. You don't see so much of that booty anymore." I should think not - she's four years older and has hoofed out a couple of babies. That and she probably copped that we've all seen enough of her arse to last us several decades.

Yet another source offered: "She walks in from work, washes her hands and grabs the babies. With him, it's almost like, 'Ugh, they're crying again?'(it must be hard for him to comfort them in fairness, what with not having the greatest upper body strength)... Jennifer looked around and said, 'This is my life now? I'm a Long Island housewife?' She hates that everything she worked for went down the tubes."

And, finally, here's what some other randomer has to say on the matter else: "They are both getting bored. She wanted this domestic life, but now she’s bored out of her mind. She wants the old J-Lo back."

Out of all the invaluable input from the myriad of sources, the last one seems most on the ball - however frightening the prospect.