It's o'fish guys, Queen Bey (aka Beyonce aka Sasha Fierce) is yet again up the Damien. After a week of rumours, the 31 year old singer has given in to the gossip mills and confirmed the bun in her oven.

As per E! Online, the music powerhouse is pregnant with her second child, with husband Jay Z. They've got shag all details for us other than the fact that it has indeed been confirmed by a good few other sources, which, y'know, means it has to be true.

Until more details come in, there's only one thing left to do: begin the speculation.

Boy or girl? Is it definitely Jay Zs? Lol JK. And what about the baby names? Yellow Moss? Purple Grass? Or will they name it after one of their musical collaborations; Bonnie and or Clyde? Crazy middle name 'in' Love?