We weren't sure if it was true or not, but it really is. Mars are now making protein chocolate, which means you can chase those gains while enjoying your favourite sugary snack.

The Snickers protein bar will have 18g of protein, while the Mars protein bar has 19g, really not bad at all.

Michelle Frost, general manager for Mars Chocolate Drinks said, “Protein consumption is on the increase and has made the transition from niche to mainstream. We are keen to offer consumers more choices on how to enjoy their favourite chocolate brands. Our bars combine great taste, familiar brands, clearly labelled protein content to meet growing consumer demand.”

It's a smart move from Mars, as protein bars are now widely available in local shops - it was just a few years back you'd have to buy your favourite in bulk online.

We're not sure when these will be available to buy, but damn if we can't wait to try them. The recommended retail price will be around 3 euro.

Via FoodBev