So it turns out there actually is a Starbucks location where they will never spell your name wrong, no matter how difficult it is. 

The reason why? Because they don't ask for your name. In fact they can't ask. The store is located in the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. 

As the store supervisor told the Washington Post back in 2014, when he started he tried to introduce the standard asking for names procedure in order to speed up service but it didn't really work out. 

"They could use the alias ‘Polly-O string cheese’ for all I care... But giving any name at all was making people — you know, the undercover agents — feel very uncomfortable. It just didn’t work for this location."

Unsurprisingly, the staff who work there have to go through stringent background checks beforehand. Despite not being able to know names, the staff are able to recognise people from their drinks. 

"There’s 'caramel-macchiato guy' and 'the iced white mocha woman'... But I have no idea what they do. I just know they need coffee, a lot of it."

No shock there. 

Via Indy 100