In what would shock absolutely no-one, there's been a sharp rise in people naming their children after Game of Thrones' characters. Ever since the famous series of books reached HBO and became a smash-hit, the inhabitants of Westeros and beyond have become part of popular culture.

Unsurprisingly, the most popular name so far is Arya - named after Arya Stark - with 1,135 babies in the US alone this year. If they don't give their child a massive dog called The Hound to protect their kid, they're totally missing a trick.

Following that is Khaleesi with 241. Khaleesi is the Dothraki word for 'Queen' and is what Daenarys is usually referred to. Daenarys is the next most popular name with 63.

You've also got Brienne's, Robb's, Theon's and even Tyrion's - but no Hodor's and no Stannis's. Which totally blows.

Stannis! Come in for your tea! It totally works.