To clarify, Eva is not with child - it's just her coat billowing out such is the exuberance of her jumping. Her plan was to jump in The Long Room, but she wasn't allowed...

When she wasn't jumping up and down in front a load of bemused tourists in Trinners, and waving her arms around St Patrick's Cathedral, she enjoyed her time sampling the culinary delights the city has to offer. According to her whosay account she had a Full Irish in Bewleys, some steamed Connemara muscles in Elephant and Castle (SHE DIDN'T GET THE CHIGGEN WINGS?!), and one of the more famed delicacies this fine land has to offer - a bag of Smokey Bacon Tayto. In unrelated news, she bought some "stretchy pencil skirts" in River Island.

Of course Eva didn't just land into Dublin to jump around after eating a full Irish and wow the masses by not barfing; she's here for the Web Summit, where there's lots of people charge around platforms, roaring into their headsets like Frank T.J. Mackey, only more informed. Well, presumably more informed... according to The Independent: "The 39-year-old is in Ireland to speak at the Web Summit but admits she has 'no idea' what she will talk about."

How did she know about one of our best kept secret (smokey bacon Tayto as opposed to a bag of cheese and onion which you'll be tasting for days). Well, she did a shout out on twitter ahead of her trip, a cowarse...

What greeted her was a landslide of advice. If she listens to @Gagahonna we can expect to find her being stalked by some deer later on today.

One thing is for sure, she'll enjoy horsing into that bacon sandwich wherever the location given she reportedly darkened the door to Lillies last night. Apparently she got on down in the "VIP members bar with friends and enjoyed the sounds of the Lillie's Monday night house band."

All she needed was the sight of a slightly toasted Eamon Dunphy tickling the ivories for her day to be truly complete.