In this new re-hash of the classic 'Monty Python' song, Eric Idle turns up on 'The Late Late Show with James Corden' to *try* to make us all happy. 

In a change of form from the British presenter's show, Corden's sketch with Idle is actually very very clever. While Corden is sitting at his desk complaining about the world's news sending him into a depression, in rocks Idle "to manufacture a spontaneous-seeming moment of fun... That we've been emailing back and forth about for weeks". 

The pair then attempt to sing Idle's comedy song 'Always Look On the Bright Side Of Life', but keep getting interrupted by notifications from their mobiles with bad news from around the world. Not surprisingly, Trump gets more than one mention, along with Brexit, nuclear war, and global warming. 

The song quickly takes a turn into a dancing number, now entitled 'We Are Probably All Going To Die'. 

Idle and Corden sing, "The President is cruel, and stubborn as a mule - I'm sure America's enemies are thrilled... A million different things can get us killed".

After watching him tap-dancing and singing, we feel like Idle needs to make more random appearances on TV - and we hope Corden can come up with more gold like this from now on.

Check the full video out below: