It is nearly impossible to get a picture of Liam Hemsworth and Jennifer Lawrence together without Josh Hutcherson also being present, but you get the idea. Tried as we might to crop him out of this picture, he's still there. It must play havoc with their (alleged) relationship. 

For the record, we believe their rumoured romance to be true as - usually - this kind of news "breaks" just as a film is being released, not after all the junkets and premieres in the world ever have already taken place.

Keeping that in mind, a source speaking via Heat had this to offer of their alleged encounter at New York's Waverly Inn a few days ago: "Liam had his arm around Jen for most of their meal and she was resting her head against his shoulder. They looked very cosy and were touching the entire time

Another "insider" speaking via OK! Magazine reckons they've even been *gasps* phoning each other: "Lots of people were convinced they would wind up together, and they still could... Jen has been calling Liam all the time, especially at night."

I'm telling you, this isn't a ruse to sell more cinema tickets. This is the real deal right here. Twitter really wants it to be, anyway...

Via HollywoodLIfe