The warm sunny conditions of last week look to be lost to the ages already, as it seems that snow is falling on parts of the island today. 

Colder, unsettled conditions have come sweeping through the country this week that have brought snow, yes snow with them, and honestly we haven't got a clue of what to make of it. 

The best evidence of the colder weather seems to be in Donegal so far, where several people have been tweeting about the white stuff, and pointing out that it's awfully close to the summer for this type of thing to be happening.

RIP Summer 2015, we hardly knew ye.

It's not all bad news however, as while these colder, wet conditions will be here for the next few days, things will improve as the week goes on. In particular, Friday is looking like it might not be too terrible, and there might even be a break in the rain. Sure the chance would be a fine thing...