As Ireland enters into the second day of measures designed to halt the spread of coronavirus, Italy is already well into its lockdown.

So far, Italians have spent almost four days in isolation and while it appears as though the lockdown measures have worked, people are no doubt beginning to feel more than a little bored by all of it. So, what are Italians doing to stave off cabin fever?

Sing-a-long parties from balconies, and in one case, a DJ set during the night.

Meanwhile, a neighbourhood in Rome began a sing-a-long to the traditional Italian tune, 'Volare', from people's balconies.

In another part of Italy, people kept their spirits up by blasting the national anthem of Italy out of speakers hoisted up on to balconies, which seemed to get a huge response from people.

For others, it's a chance to perform music for a captive audience of listeners, all of whom seem to be enjoying the choice of songs and the talent on display in their neighbourhood.

If nothing else, this whole coronavirus has shown that people are still social animals and that we all crave interaction with our fellow humans, even if we're in the middle of a lockdown of unprecedented scale in modern history.

As always, stay safe and wash your hands.