Street prostitutes operating in the small town of Spino d’Adda in Italy have been ordered to start wearing high-visibility jackets, or run the risk of being fined.

Local authorities in the town, which is situated just outside of Milan, have stated that the new rule is for the ladies own safety, and have also told them to cover up their miniskirts.

The deputy mayor of the town, Luciano Sinigaglia, claimed that “sex workers should be treated the same as road workers and obliged to wear clothes that render them more visible".

‘We are almost ready with the definitive draft of the document. I hope to have the new law up and running by the start of September".

Those who do not comply to the new rules can be fined up to €500, so it looks like this will actually be  a thing now. You know what they say, if you can't beat them, make them wear ridiculous clothes that embarrass their customers. Seriously though, we can't tell if this is completely idiotic, or a very liberal step in the right direction. 

Sinigaglia also saw the funny side of it, adding, ‘let us hope men don’t get confused and try to pick up a road worker by mistake.’

Via Metro