Matthew McConaghey, Jonah Hill, Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Fassbender and Jared Leto are just some of the men who brought a mammy to The Oscars yesterday. Bradley Cooper was meant to bring his little firecracker of a ma, but he appeared to walk the red carpet alone. Don't worry, we've included a photo of him regardless.

Here's Jonah Hill with his mum Sharon Lyn Chalkin.

Here's Leonardo Di Caprio with his mammy, Iremelin. Just as well she was there to comfort him after he failed to win an Oscar AGAIN.

Matthew McConaghey came flanked by his mother Mary Kathlene, and his missus Camila Alves, who probably wished she'd worn something with less layers.

Jared of course brought his mum Contance...

Michael brought his Mammy, Adele...

And poor Bradley was on his Tobler. I'm sure he wouldn't be left short if he needed his chin wiped or his hair fixed.