A finger slip or a cry for help?

That's what everyone is wondering after it was discovered that Melania Trump's Twitter account had 'liked' a tweet mocking her marriage to the US President. 

It's hardly the first time someone has made a joke about that seemingly awkward moment between the first couple on Donald Trump's inauguration day. What's unusual about this tweet is that apparently Melania Trump's Twitter account liked the tweet. 

Oh no Andy, that's her's alright.

(Pic via Alex Litel)

It is an account however, that has been pretty much dormant since the election day. The First Lady prefers to use the @FLOTUS account instead. The tweet has since been 'unliked'. 

So was Melania trying to send out a cry for help by liking the tweet? Or could she be the victim of a hack? The tweet in question was only the second ever tweet that her account has 'liked' so it's most likely that Melania is a twitter novice and the swiftly removed like screams finger slip. 

In any event, the rumours of an unhappy marriage in the White House will undoubtedly continue. 

Via BBC News