This is pretty damn shocking.

The Waterford ISPCA has issued a warning via its Facebook page that pets are being poisoned by someone in the Powerscourt area of the county.

According to local reports, a number of dogs and cats have been found to have eaten antifreeze, including one group of pets that were kept in a backyard.

It's understood one dog, which was found with antifreeze poisoning, was forced to ingest it by someone.

It's not yet known who's the cause of it, although the ISCPA have said that Gardai have been notified.

Some respondents to the ISPCA's warning on Facebook claimed they received threatening letters from an unidentified party about noise levels relating to dogs.

Fast-acting can save a pet's life, if you think it's been poisoned. Bring the pet straight to the vet who will empty the pet's stomach, if possible, and begin treatment.

If you think your pet has been poisoned, don't hesitate as minutes can mean the difference.


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