Not in a creepy way, though.

David Anderson bumped into an "Aoife" in Edinburgh on Tuesday night, when he guided her and two of her friends back to her hostel.

David said that you had dark blonde hair, glasses and you wore a black dress. You also stayed in Caledonian Backpackers on Dalry Street.

If any of this sounds familiar, there's a Scottish dude who desperately wants to take you on a date.

The young Scotsman took to Twitter and, by some stroke of luck, wound up with over 600 retweets for his plea.

So, we'll go through the facts again - Edinburgh, this Tuesday. Irish, obviously. Stayed in a backpacker's hostel. Your name was Aoife. You met this guy around 2AM. We're guessing you didn't end up shifting - or maybe you did, we don't know.

Point is, he'd like to take you out the next time you're in Edinburgh. Or possibly for Hogmanay?

If you know who Aoife is, or you know how to get in contact with her, let us know!