The iPhone 5c/S might still be fresh in your pocket, but the iPhone 6 rumours are already rolling off the presses.

According to, these latest images are straight from Foxconn, and they show what we can expect to get when the iPhone 6 is launched. Although they are a bit rough (or very rough…) they do have a few stats that can help give a clearer picture of what it will be like.

Firstly, the handset will be bigger, most notably wider at around 4.7 inches, while there are also rounder corners and a new location for the power button. Apparently, the camera will also be improved according to Cult of Mac, and the processor set on the inside will be the new A8, to make this the best performing model to date.

To say these pics are a bit sketchy and look like they could have quite literally been mocked up on someone’s computer at home is fair enough, so we’ll remain sceptical for now. The earliest outlook is for an August release of this new model, with an even larger 5.5 inch design being launched after, so expect plenty more rumours and mock ups between now and then.

Pics via Cult of Mac