We've seen some particularly rough rejection letters in the past, but this one is pretty brutal.

James Allen, a serviceman from Plymouth, received a particularly rough e-mail from a business in the same area following an interview.

Allen, who claims the interview went well, received an e-mail from Sarah Haesler, a director at Right Price PVCu that wasn't the most friendly.

In Sarah's e-mail, she described James as a "professional prick" with "no teeth", claiming that he was supposed to call her the next day.

Here's the e-mail James Allen claims she sent.

Sarah Haesler has since responded to the e-mail publicly, stating she thought the interview was a wind-up. "James was so unbelievably rude, inappropriate and insulting, towards me personally and also the company, I actually thought it was a joke, and I was waiting for the hidden camera crew to jump out and say 'ha, got ya!'"

James Allen is still looking for a job.


Via Plymouth Herald