It can be word 9 ways. NINE DIFFERENT WAYS! It's like that episode of The Simpsons with Marge and the Chanel outfit, only this is from Oasis and there's no frantic restitching required. Given this is a dress that can be worn multiple ways, it'd be wrong not to wear it to some impending nuptials. 

Not sure if you're aware, but we are entering the season of summer weddings. Beef and salmon producers are skipping joyfully to work, florists are planning beautiful bouquets and the purveyors of ivory spanx are stocking up. While the Bride's dress is something of a given, the surprise element in the wedding party is the dress chosen for the bridesmaids. Sometimes they look fabulously elegant and sometimes they look like they’ve escaped from a debs of the 1980s.

Believe it or not, the high street is a bridesmaid dress-shopper’s best friend. The colour palette can be the same across a collection but the cut can be different. And Oasis have taken it a step further by launching their latest ‘Wear it Your Way’ dress. These multi-way dresses have been around for ages but this one has bridesmaid written all over it.

Available online only, it can be worn nine different ways (you can see six more below). You may need a manual and a Brownie badge in knot tying to operate this drapery but I think it could work really well if you are struggling to find a gúna that covers arms/doesn’t cover arms/is strapless/allows you to wear a good support bra.

This one will set you back €106 and is currently only available in grey but they may add more colours further down the line.

And while we’ve seen ‘No Coast dresses please’ on invites, are we looking at banning more high street shops from the festivities now too?

So what do you think? Is this kind of dress ideal for bridesmaids, or do you feel like it’s missing the ‘special’ factor? And if you’ve been bride/bridesmaid, what did your bridal party wear?