Or is it simply a blonde back of head in front of someone wearing a hat? Because that could literally be anyone. But apparently it's the One Directioner and We Are Never, Ever, Ever Going To Use Our Relationship For Publicity Getting Back Together singer having a New Year's snogage in the middle of Time Square. The pair were papped by fan @HazzaUKStyles, who tweeted 'New years @TaylorSwift13', letting both Taylor and the world know what had just happened and that we now all knew about the whereabouts of both their tonsils as 2013 began. 

Taylor had earlier performed at the party in Times Square, banging out both We Are Never, Ever, Ever Getting Back Together and I Knew You Were Trouble to the crowds gathered, and presumably Styles. Two nice sentiments for the boybander in those song choices right there.

Update: Except wait now there's video because we live in the future and Taylor Swift can't not display her affections.Well it takes two to tango. and they certainly have at it. Considering it's the most famous New Year's Eve party in the world, they're not exactly being subtle about being together.