Tom Hanks and Bill Murray. Two actors you would normally never mix each other up with. One was Forrest Gump, the other was Peter Venkman, and they look nothing alike, right?

That's what we thought anyways, until we saw this picture, which has actually been knocking around for about three years, but seems to have suddenly become the new fixation of the internet. Surelookit, it's Monday, and it's been a while since we've had any 'dress-like' conundrums. 

Our first thought was that this is obviously Bill Murray, but the more we look at it, we see Tom Hanks. It wouldn't be unlike either of the actors to pull that face with a baby, as both are known to be happy to have fun with fans.

The caption below the picture states that it's Bill Murray, but that's not enough to stop the internet speculating.

Also, has anyone ever seen a picture of the two together? Just saying.

What do you reckon, Bill or Tom?