Famous dougnut makers Tim Horton's have made a new and possibly disgusting treat, but one that we think we'll have to try anyway. 

The combination of sweet and savoury is one that we're more or less biologically programmed to like, and when it comes to donuts, it doesn't take a whole lot to convince us to get our hands on one. 

However, this newest treat from Tim Horton's (who are apparently on the verge of being taken over by Burger King) is one that we're not yet convinced by: the Buffalo Crunch Donut. The combination of the spicy buffalo sauce and the deep fried sweet dough seems to represent the best of both companies, but we're not sure that it has anything to do with the buy out.



The invention comes covered in Buffalo Sauce and served with two Tortilla chips in there too, just for fun. The bad news is that it only seems to have been made available at The Great New York State Fair so far, but it is also completely meat free, in case you are a donut-loving vegetarian, you can dig in!

Via DesignTaxi