In the past, the great pizza debate circulated around whether pineapple is an acceptable topping or not. Even Gordon Ramsay and Iceland's President Guðni Th. Jóhannesson spoke out on the matter.

In a new revelation from a mathematical Tweeter, the minds of those that love the food are being blown all over. Some are even questioning their life choices (when they've ordered takeaway in the past, that is).

According to Fermat's Library, one 18-inch pizza is better than two 12-inch pizzas. Why? Because it gives you more for your buck.

The Twitter user did the math: an 18-inch offering of the Italian dish provides 254 square inches of the food. Two 12-inch ones only have about 226 square inches.


Tweeters were confounded as a result.


Others have challenged the theory:


Thus what will you be ordering next time from your local pizzeria?