Just when we thought we'd be past the whole affair and everyone could go back to normal, it looks like Kristen Stewart could be stirring up that pot all over again. The mind baffles.

After the international uproar and shitstorm that was the coverage of the fact that Stewart was cheating on R.Patz with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, who was married to Liberty Ross at the time, and the fact that she'd managed to weather the storm, get Rob back and actually continue to work and get people to like her again, you'd think she'd know better. But apparently not, after she was papped being all sorts of suspect on Sunday night outside a restaurant she had been dining with friends in.

K.Stew is seen being all shifty and waiting outside before getting into the passenger seat of a car that's the same model as Sanders', with a man that looks suspiciously like him. Two plus two equals what now children? Yes, CHEATER.

Okay, we do realise that this could very well be anyone (her dealer/AA sponsor/therapist, who knows?), the fact remains that the situation is sketchy, and she has to still to comment as to who it was. And where was Robert Pattinson when this was all happening? Just on a flight out of LA. All a little too coincidental, no?